Sorry, Clarissa.  


Oh, me? I’m fine. How are you, Clar? 


I’m doing alright. Can’t complain I suppose.

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Seeking Adventure Michael//(Open) 


Michael sat alone in the corner of the library. He could pretty much say that it was his favourite place to be in Eden. Nobody ever seemed to find him here and he knew that this was the one place that he wouldn’t be disturbed from the latest book that he had been reading. 

He had always wanted his life to be like one of the books that he read but he had recently realised that it would never happen as he never did anything that would be worthy to write about. He sighed, looking back to the line that he had read at least six times without it actually sinking in. He couldn’t focus today and this was worrying him. There was never any circumstance that would make him unfocused enough to read.

He jumped up from the chair that he had been slouched in and made his way back through the building that he loved. He smiled at the woman who watched him leave. He grabbed the door handle slowly, unsure of where he would go next. He had nothing to do, he felt a little annoyed that he couldn’t read, it felt like such a waste of a good opportunity.

He secretly hoped that he would see somebody that would encourage him to do something else with his day, rather than just read so that he would do something that would be worth writing about.

If there was one thing Clarissa thrived off of, it was being around people. Just seeing others made her happy. It would be an understatement to just say that she was outgoing; people were often pretty certain that word was made up just to describe her. She smiled at just about everyone she passed and new nine out of ten of them by name. Clari was always the first to introduce herself to people she had yet to meet and she was always the first to suggest they all hang out. Rarely did she spend a moment in solitude, and when she did, she was often texting or calling other people, hoping to make plans for sometime soon in the future.  People were easily drawn to her because of this. Clarissa barely noticed, though. That was just her. She was friendly and loud and sure it off-set a few people, but most people liked her.

Today she had been training for her job the government had set her with: event planning. Most of it came second nature for her. She was constantly attending parties and throwing her own. It was no different now, except the parties she threw were for the whole town, or specific to the higher-ups of the city.  She was happy with her assignment. Her string holder, though. That was a different story. She didn’t know Michael Royce very much when she was told they were matched together. She’d seen him around school, but that was about it. He kept to himself while Clarissa made herself know to practically everyone she came in contact with. They were polar opposites. Maybe that was why they were paired. People did say opposites attract. Even now, though they had been living together for a while, she still didn’t really know him. He liked being quiet, he liked reading. That was about it. Most attempts at bonding ended pretty quickly.

She had finished class early and was on her way home and passing the library when she spotted him. Michael was coming out of the library. She really did see enough of him at home, when she was home, but it couldn’t hurt to talk to him in an outside setting, right? They’d tried talking, but they never really tried at the whole soulmates thing. “Michael! Hey!” she called out, jogging over to where he was. She slowed her pace when she was walking next to him, putting on a bright smile. “How was your time at the library?” she asked.

Sorry, Clarissa.  


I was going to talk to you, but, tumblr is acting funny for me! >:(

Then I’ll just have to reblog you. Hi there Kevin! How are you doing?

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Oh wow. Lots of people. 


Hello, Clarissa :)

Hi there Marky Mark. How are you?

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Oh wow. Lots of people. 


‘ello! I’m Kendall and I know, I’m not really used to so many at one time but it’s kind of fun. 

Lovely to meet you Kendall. Managing groups of people is my job, in a sense. Well, preparing things for groups of people. Parties. Anyways, I’m Clari.

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Oh wow. Lots of people. 

That’s always a good thing. Hello!

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